Friday, April 19, 2013

Photo Update of Discoveries at the Project House

I finally managed to borrow Madelyn's camera cord to upload photos.  The following is pictures of some of the things we discovered in the attic above the family room at the project house.  One of Joe's friends had mentioned that the project house was once used as a church.  While Mike was working on installing new dry wall in the family room ceiling, he discovered a ton of things in the attic.  Steve, Joe and one of Joe's friends brought down most of these items.  Some were taken out through a hole we created in one of the upstairs bathrooms and the rest came from a hole we created in Kate's bedroom.

Pew ends
One row of pew ends

The hole we created in the bathroom to remove pew ends.

Stacks of pew ends, seat and back rails, spindles, and the backs of theater-style seats.

The cross used in the former church.

There are 20 of these seat cushions.
I'm planning on taking 4 of the pew ends and 2 of the seat backs and seats and making 4' benches to use in the sun porch.  The cushions will be made from new materials.  After placing the benches to form an L, a table will be placed in front of the benches.  It should be a nice place to do school on warm days and a quiet place to play cards or have a cup of coffee.

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