Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Karate Tournament

Paige and Allie competed in the spring karate tournament in Lansing.  This is their first competition with the more advanced students.  Several parent's had told me that very few students receive trophies at the older levels.  Usually one child wins every event in their division.

Their first event was Three Escapes.  The students had to create 3 different ways to escape from an attacker.  Each competitor needs a partner to demonstrate their escapes.  Paige and Allie decided to be each others partners.  The idea was good, because the girls are similar in size and they could practice at home.  Unfortunately, each girl's event was called at the same time on opposite sides of the competition floor.  The girls coach talked to each set of judges who shifted the order of the competitors, so the girls could leave their ring and partner with each other.  Most of the competitors escaped from weapons.  My girls haven't worked with weapons yet.  Neither girl received a trophy, but learned what to expect next tournament.

The second event was Kata.  Paige won a first place trophy.   Allie didn't win a trophy, but was happy for Paige.

The next event was weapons.  Neither girls participated in that event.  The board breaking event followed. 

Allie bowing to the person holding her board.

Paige getting ready to strike the board.
 Paige won a first place trophy and Allie won a third place trophy.  I was so glad that one girl didn't go home empty-handed. 

Paige receiving her trophy for board breaking.

Allie receiving her trophy for board breaking.

 The final event was sparring, which is where two competitors fight with each other.  Neither of my girls have sparred before.  Allie discovered that some of her molars are trying to come through and her gums were swollen, so her mouth guard hurt.  She decided not to spar.  Paige wanted to try sparring.

Paige in full sparring gear.

Paige in the match that she won.  She ended up finishing in 4th place.

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