Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stephen's Graduation

Steve had his graduation open house the end of June.  We didn't have everything completed on the project house, but enough was done so I was comfortable showing the new house to friends and family.  There was a good turnout for such a hot day.  It was nice that people kept trickling in at different times.  We were able to talk with almost everyone and actually visit without just saying hi and moving on the next visitor.

Many of Steve's friends stayed until dark for a bonfire, ultimate Frisbee and a huge game of hide in seek in the empty house.  There are so many great hiding places in the house that people were laughing and giggling as they got lost. 

We gave Steve one of the benches that Mike and Joe made from the some of the pew parts left in the attic.  Everyone who attended signed the bench in permanent markers with a graduation message. 

Steve with some of his friends after a volley ball game.

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