Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Halloween

It's sad, but only two of my children are young enough to trick-or-treat.  All the rest are too big. Originally, the plan was for the kids to trick or treat until 7th grade, but I was weak and allowed them to trick-or-treat until they reached high school.  It's been several years since I made elaborate costumes for the kids.  I had planned to let Paige and Allie select their costumes and then spend October creating them. 

The plans changed when a dear friend offered to loan us costumes that her daughter had worn previously.  Allie was a Candy Corn Witch.

Paige was a Groovy Girl from the sixties.  Several people remarked that she was a hippy.

Joe and Marley walk the two girls and their friends around the neighborhood.  Joe created this Pumpkin Head to wear while he played chaperone.

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