Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Snow Ball Cheer Competition

Madelyn's cheer organization recently underwent training to be able to compete in other organizations.  The coaches had to take several classes and learn about the different ways the squads are judged.  Only the top elite levels are able to compete outside the organization.

The first outside competition was Saturday.  I had planned to drive Madelyn, but the wheel bearings need to be changed in the back of my Mountaineer, so Mike took the day off of work and drove us.  I'm glad that he was able to see the competition.  He doesn't get the opportunity to see the children's performances very often.

The team met in the lobby of a hotel attached to the venue. Lots of team photos were taken and everyone managed to relax before arriving at the actual competition.

The competition was touted to be huge in this organization.  There were tons of divisions and only about 50-55 teams competed.   Madelyn's team was in the larges division.  The team had 5 practices to learn the entire routine.  There were a few bobbles, but overall it was a solid routine.

Madelyn had a great time and the team placed third.  The only other team from Madelyn's cheer organization took 1st place.  The coach said the score sheets contained lots of great comments and that the team will do even better next time out.  The team also qualified for the competition in Chicago and New Orleans in April.  I'm thankful that they will not be attending those competitions.  The trip to Nationals in Las Vegas will wipe out our cheer budget for the remainder of the year.

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