Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Art Prize 2014

We headed to Grand Rapids to see Art Prize today.  The weather was perfect for a day outside.  Mike had taken the day off, so we were able to attend with most of the family.  We arrived around 10 in the morning, when most of the crowds hadn't arrived yet.

My children were enthralled with the variety of skulls painted on the side of a building.

I love this mosaic guitar.  It was huge and the design was very intricate.  The back looked as good as the front.

Allie and Paige loved this gigantic set of pipes.
These turtles were so cute.

Allie found a piece of the fence that had broken of the top.  They made perfect glasses.

Several years ago, we saw an exhibit at the Meijer Gardens called Juggernaut.  This exhibit reminded me of that exhibit.

Madelyn hitched a ride on Joe's shoulders.

Check out Paige's new hand!

We had a great time as usual.  I hope that we're able to go again next year.

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