Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lots Happening in 2015

Our family had a great 2014.  I spent some time the last few days, looking over some of the things we achieved individually or as a family and was surprised at how busy we were.  As I worked my way through my new planner, I realized that 2015 will be another year of changes.

Katie changed her wedding date (again) and is now planning an August wedding.  I'm happy for her, but was a little surprised at the change.  She and George are busy trying to get facilities and other things organized for their big day.

Joe will be graduating in the spring. He's been ready to graduate for the last year, due to boredom at the public school.  The race to get paperwork in to all the colleges is a challenge.  Joe isn't the most organized person when it comes to meeting deadlines and I'm forcing him to handle this alone.  Hopefully, the experience will help him with his organizational skills before he leaves in August for college. He doesn't want an open house for graduation, but instead, requested a hiking trip to the U.P.  He's making plans on places he wants us to go, so it should be an adventure.

Joe tried out for a part in the school musical, The Adams Family.  He won the part of Mal, who is Wednesday's future father-in-law.  He has some solos to sing and is really enjoying acting.  It's hard to believe that he is the same shy young man from 5 years ago.  It does my mommy heart good to have watched him grow and develop more confidence in himself.

Paige and Allie have been taking cheer classes and dance classes.  The spring cheer competition is the same day as the dance recital. When offered the choice of one, they decided to do the cheer competition this spring.  Next year, the dance studio will be putting on a full ballet, so they are planning on doing the ballet recital next year. 

Madelyn, Paige and Alison will all be heading to the state competition in a few weeks.  Madelyn is also looking forward to participating in the national competition in July.  The competition will be in our state, so Mike and I are thrilled with the lower expenses this year.

My etsy shop is doing fairly well.  My sales are consistently growing and a steady pace.  Mike doesn't need to worry about retiring on my income any time soon, but it's nice to be earning a little extra doing things that I enjoy

Now that the siding is finished and the holidays are past, we've started more projects on the house.  The goal is to have it completed before Katie's wedding in August.  Mike is currently installing more insulation in the attic of the house and I'm stripping the varnish and glue from the large curving staircase in the center of the house.  He's going to put in a new ceiling over this staircase next.  We plan to carpet the hallway next to the staircase, but have been waiting until the mess of mudding the walls and staining the wooden stairs is finished first. 

After that, the tub/shower needs to be installed in the upstairs bathroom and the master bathroom needs to be completed.  I also want to get the flooring in the entry dining room and kitchen redone.  The entry is currently tile, the dining room is wood block and the kitchen/laundry room is laminate.  I'd like to make them the same flooring to have better flow from room to room.

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