Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Michigan Winter

After an unusually warm December when we almost had a green Christmas, the cold temperatures have returned with a vengeance.  Joseph has had more days off than days in the classroom, since classes resumed this month.  Most of the children's activities have been cancelled due to winter storms or -20 wind chills, but this morning classes were held.  It was -12 when we left the house at 8:30 the morning.  Roads were slick on the country roads we take to co-op on Wednesdays, but the slippery roads were worth enduring because of the beauty of the scenery.

A thick, glittery, white frost covered all the trees and bushes.  Steam was rising out of the creeks and rivers.  I love seeing the frost and snow contrasting with the dark bark of the bare trees.  The girls finished their classes around 10:30 and we headed back home.  The sun hadn't burned the frost off most of the trees yet, so when we reached home, everyone grabbed their cameras for an hour of photography.  I decided to call it photography class/art in my planner.  We drove around town and walked short distances to get photos, because it was too cold to walk for very long.  Here are a few of my photographs.

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