Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cheer Competitions

Alison, Paige and Madelyn had cheer competitions in January.  Regional competition went very well and all three girls made it to the state competition.  Between regionals and states there were several changes that happened to both teams.  Paige and Allie's team had two girls not show up for the state event.  One of the missing girls was a flier and the other was a front spot.  Allie was thrilled when she was given the opportunity to fly for state.  There were a few stunts that she wasn't able to perform because of the missing front spot, but it was a good experience for her. Although she had a good experience, the team didn't place at state.

Paige and Allie are on the far left.  Paige in the middle;Allie second in the front.  Madelyn helps coach the team and is wearing the green shirt in the back right.
  Madelyn's team had two girls quit 4 weeks before competition to do high school cheer.  One of the girls was kicked off the high school team and wanted to come back 2 weeks before competition.  (She wasn't allowed to return until next semester.)  Mads team came in third at state and qualified for national competition in July, which takes place in Grand Rapids. 

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