Saturday, September 1, 2007

Exercise and Eating Right

Why is it so difficult to find time to regularly exercise? Where is the time to prepare quality meals? I spent an hour determining everyone's daily activities so that everyone gets to the right place at the correct time. Then, I planned a time for me to get some physical activity, while one of the older kids watches the two youngest children. I checked the grocery store sales fliers and purchased fresh fruit, vegetables, and lean meat. Once again my carefully thought out plans did work. We've had two funerals to attend out-of-state in the last two weeks. All of my carefully prepared menus and daily exercise schedules were forgotten during our travels. Instead of the healthy, well-balanced meals, our family ate fast food. Today, I cleared all the rotten fruit and funky vegetables out of the refrigerator. After a quick trip to the vegetable/fruit department, I ready to start again. I also enlisted the help of my 12 year old son. He's going to exercise with me and promises to get me out of bed before all the other kids get up. Wow! I have my own personal trainer!

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