Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Bobbie" Returns!

Two summers ago, the kids found a baby robin that had fallen out of her nest. The children placed her in a box with leaves and grass, while the mother bird continued to bring the young bird worms to eat. They continued to care for the bird over the following few weeks. The mother bird would let my children get very close to the bird. A short time later the baby bird learned to fly and the kids were sad that "Bob" had grown up.

Last summer a robin hung around in our backyard and would hop towards the kids. The bird would get within a few feet of the children and would let the kids approach her. The kids were sure that "Bob" had returned and remembered them from the previous summer.

In July of this year, we had a really windy storm and a baby robin was knocked out of her nest. The mother bird hung around, but was not disturbed when the kids gathered around the young bird. The bird, now named "Bobbie", spent a day in the back yard receiving attention from my youngsters. My children were sure that it was "Bob" and her child "Bobbie". Later in the afternoon, the birds flew away. Fortunately, one of my daughters was able to get a picture of "Bobbie".

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