Thursday, October 25, 2007

Entering the 21st Century

We've been using Pay-As-You-Go phones for a couple of years. They were only to be used if stranded in a vehicle or to touch base with the kids when I was working. It started out with dh getting a phone because he travels so much; I got a phone when I began working. Last Christmas we bought my 9th grader a phone because she was in 9th grade and NEEDED one. My oldest dd went off to college and wanted to be able to call us, so she bought a cell phone also. So we're paying $80 a month to make very limited calls. We're also paying long distance charges when we call dh family and out college child.

Last night, after careful consideration, we purchased a Family Plan with 5 phones. Why did we need 5 lines? Our oldest ds is now requesting a cell phone of his own. The kids got the phones as part of their Christmas gift. The idea is to allow everyone to keep in touch with the oldest dd. All of the lines can call each other free and we have free calls on weekends and after 6 pm on weekdays.

After handing out the phones, the 11 and 9 year-old children asked if they could have two of the old pay-as-you-go phones. We're letting them use up the remainer of the minutes, but are unfairly not purchasing any more minutes. What am I going to do when the other 4 kids get old enough for phones? How many lines can one plan have? We'll have 5 teenagers at one time in a few years. This could get expensive.

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