Monday, December 10, 2007


We had my mom over for Thanksgiving and did our annual evening walk at the local "Festival of Lights" downtown. Buses of tourists have been coming to walk down by the river and see the great light display. This year we missed the big parade and lighting ceremony due to rain and feverish children.

Thanksgiving evening was a huge disappointment. One city block was decorated on three streets. The huge display of the 12 Days of Christmas riverwalk was not up. Many of our favorite areas were dark. The kids were discouraged and renamed the display the "Festival of Light" I promised to take everyone to a neighboring city to see a larger display, but haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Thursday evening, I was driving through downtown and noticed that the city has continued to put up more light displays! The kids and I are planning to rewalk the Festival with our college student returns home for Christmas! I take back everything I said about the stupidity of the city council and the misuse of taxpayer money :)

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