Thursday, December 13, 2007

Where Did Our Baby Go?

Yesterday, my "baby" turned 3 years old or "3 OLD YEARS" as she says. The four oldest kids were invited to a large Christmas party in the evening, so we celebrated her birthday in the afternoon. My mom and sister came, bring my adorable nephew who is 9 months old. The birthday girl thought that she was having a real birthday party and was happy with all her gifts and rainbow cake. The cake wasn't decorated in bakery-quality, but thankfully she didn't notice. I really need to purchase some new icing tips. In the evening, we took the two youngest girls out to dinner and then came home and watched a new video.

The older kids were able to sample a huge variety of foods at the Christmas party including shrimp, duck, beef, 20 different types of sweets, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and many other delicious items. A deejay was present throughout the party playing music and there was also a karaoke machine. The kids all had fun and enjoyed meeting a lot of new kids.

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