Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Big Performance Day!

Saturday, 12/15, two of our daughters had a dance recital, 1 daughter had a choir concert, and 4 children had Christmas program rehearsals at church. I've noticed that for the last few years all of our extra curricular activities have programs within a short time period. Why can't the performances be spread out throughout the month?

Our Pastor at church excused the kids from the Christmas program rehearsal, because it overlapped a Dance recital. He was very understanding and said that the kids could work on their songs and recitations at home during the week. We've been doing a good job of covering the memory work this week, so the kids will be ready on Sunday.

The dance recital lasted about 45 minutes, which is my youngest child's limit for sitting quietly for an extended time period. Both girls danced beautifully! The 9-year old was in three dances and the 4-year old had one dance. We had been able to tape the class earlier in the week, so both girls practiced in the morning and knew their dances.

The choir concert was very nice. The concert contains performances by the local girls' choir and the local boys' choir. The girls were able to sing first this year, which was a nice change. Both groups sang well and we all enjoyed the performances.

Our 4-year old made a paper horn using the program. While the audience was clapping after a song, she used the horn to "OOOOOOOO". It sounded like she was booing. After removing the program from her hand, quieting her down, explaining that she was behaving rudely, I asked why she was booing the group. She said that she liked them and was making noise so they knew that she like them a lot. The next day, while she was watching the Charlie Brown Christmas movie on television, I figured out her thoughts. Snoopy says, "OOOO!" when Charlie Brown is introduced as the director. My poor 4-year old misunderstood. Even though I understand her thought process, it was still REALLY embarrassing.

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