Monday, December 24, 2007

Children's Christmas Program

It finally happened. The church we attend decided to change the day and time of the Children's Christmas program. This year it was scheduled for our normal Sunday service time, 9:00 am. It had previously been on Christmas Eve in the evening. I was really disappointed that it was changed. I want Advent services in Advent and Christmas services on Christmas or Christmas Eve. After getting over my annoyance, I took the children to the practices and helped them learn their memory verses and hymns.

Sunday, we got up extra early to get everyone ready for church. We also had to arrive early for the children to warm-up vocally. When we arrived at the church, one of the Sunday School teachers explained that the service was cancelled. The church was without electricity! The Children's Christmas service is now scheduled for Christmas Eve. The youngest girls (ages 3 and 4) were very disappointed, but everyone else is happy with the turn of events.


Glenda said...

What a pretty tree, I like it. I hope the children's service went well. This year it seemed that the kids here, sang better than they ever have, and most knew their scripture verses by heart.

Karen said...

The children's service went well. We have a new pastor and a new LES teacher, so there were changes from previous years. I think everyone was happy with the service.

It was also a candle light service. The candles were lit for 4 hymns and the blessing at the end of the service. My oldest dd ended up with candle wax down the side of her skirt and several members found it necessary to blow out their candles, due to dripping wax.