Monday, January 28, 2008

School Ideas for this week

Our homeschool time was much more successful last week. So I'm trying to continue on using the same format. I picked up Toddler Tap Lesson on Dvd at the library for the younger girls to do while the rest of us our occupied. We watched a DK Weather Dvd this morning and discussed the various types of clouds and the instruments used to forecast the weather. My 11 year old son decided he wanted to make a weather station, and began to draw out the various instruments he wants to include. He enlisted the help of our 9 year old dd and began to build a rain gauge, with information from the Internet. The 13 year old began a cloud chart, which will be used when recording the days weather. Our 15 year old dd helped with Internet searches and began to assemble a weather notebook for our family to use. She also wrote a 2 page report on weather disasters. I was impressed. My children don't normally take an idea and turn it into a project.

We're beginning to study watercolor painting. I am not in the least artistic and have always wanted to take the time to learn to draw and paint better. I managed to get a Dvd class on beginning water color at the library. In September, I had bought water color supplies, but we never got around to doing any projects.

The kids are going to read biographies of all the presidents this month. Today, they read about both of the Bushes. We had a really great discussion about the differences between the two Presidents, how the world has changed in the last few decades, and what it would be like to be a child whose father and grandfather had been President of the US. The kids are writing short illustrated papers on each president which we'll turn into Notebooks about the Presidents.

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