Monday, January 28, 2008

Trying Out New Menu Items

We're trying to eat healthier and add more variety to our everyday blah meals. Last night, my dh decided to make one of his childhood favorites, Peas and Carrots. I realize that most people don't consider Pea's and Carrots an exciting addition to meals, but my children had never been served the dish before. They were not a big success. My kids prefer their carrots raw or in stir fry. They firmly believe that peas are only eaten when hidden inside a favorite casserole. I'll be making vegetable soup Wednesday to use up the quart and 1/2 of left-over peas and carrots. At dinner, my 4 year old requested a salad instead of vegetables. Upon learning that she had to eat her vegetables, she stated that carrots were vegetables, but the green stuff gets thrown in the garbage. We did manage to get her to eat the dreaded green stuff, but won't be serving that side dish anytime soon.

Along with the "delicious" Peas and Carrots, dh make a pork roast that was very successful. He marinated the roast for 6 hours, then baked it in the over. All the kids liked it and said that he should make it again soon.

I'm making one of the children's favorite chicken meals tonight. I don't make it often because it's not particularly healthy. It is fabulous. The first time I made this dish the kids all said that I was the world's best cook. My 13-year old son stated, "You Rock!" Ever since then, our family refers to the meal as "You Rock Chicken".

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