Monday, January 7, 2008

Trip to the Hospital Emergency Room

How many times can one family take different children to the emergency room for the same malady? Saturday night, our youngest dd thought that it was really funny to put a peanut in her nose and blow it back out. She did this several times. Our 9 year old told her to stop, but our 3 year old always knows best. You guessed what happened next. The peanut got stuck and we were unable to remove it, so off to the emergency room for a fun-filled, educational field trip. I "love" going to the emergency room on Saturday nights, because it's always packed and I know we'll get to a nice, long wait in the waiting room.

We got there about 6:00 pm and didn't get home until almost 10. All the staff thought that it was funny and tried to reassure me that children stick foreign objects up their noses regularly. I already know that! This is my fourth child, out of 7, who has felt that this is a necessary part of their childhood memories! I have gotten pretty good at removing pony beads, but the peanut was more than I could handle without possibly causing injury.

At the end of the visit, both the doctor and nurse told dd not to put anything else in her nose, then they mentioned that a lot of children put stuff in their ears. The staff laughed and thought that it was really funny for kids to put objects in inappropriate places. I am now in fear that the 3 year old will want to explore putting items in her ears. Is this how hospital emergency rooms get repeat business? Btw, this will probably cost us $400 after insurance.

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Cheryl said...

I'm glad everything worked out okay! (Except for the ER bill!)