Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter School Daze

We did one really intense week of school right after New Year's Day and no one in my home was happy. Last week, we spent the day cleaning and organizing for the boys' birthday party. It's great to have the playroom clean and organized. I love knowing where all my kitchen supplies and dishes are located. But schoolwork didn't happen.........again.

Sunday, while I was planning for this week's assignments, the children were being unkind to each other. Our whole household was crabby. Like many other homeschool moms, I struggle with depression this time of year. So, I decided to toss most of our regularly scheduled assignments for some educational fun.

After an extensive trip to the library Sunday afternoon, I pulled together an educational, non-normal week. We're keeping our Bible study and Math assignments, but everything else is different. Everyday this week, we're watching parts of a great DVD, Sculptures of the Louvre, from the library that discusses various sculpture at the Louvre. That's our Art Appreciation class. For Art, we're each going to make two sculptures ourselves during the week, using different medium. I also got a fun video on cartooning. The kids watched that after dinner tonight and each drew 8-10 different cartoons. We're going to continue to work our way through the cartoon video the rest of the week. For P.E. today, we had a ping-pong tournament. Even the 3 and 4 year-olds are improving their games.

I picked up two different biographies on Beatrix Potter, which we began as a Read-A-Loud. Everyone took turns reading and we almost finished the first book. The kids wrote stories similar in style to Miss Potter's for Writing Class. I'm going to have them re-write the stories and then begin illustrations. My hope is to make the stories into books for our family library in the next couple of weeks.

The kids are reading various library geography books. This afternoon, the kids chose to bake a new cookie from a recipe published in one of the books. After a couple of slight mishaps, we have 4 dozen cookies to munch on the remainder of the week. Two of my children helped me make a new soup recipe for dinner. The Beef-Barley-Vegetable soup was hearty and was easy to make. Unfortunately, after telling me that they all really liked the soup, the kids asked me not to make it again. ;0

While at the library, I picked up a DVD on origami that we're going to start tomorrow. Dh had picked up a wild science kit a few weeks ago. We'll probably manage to do all the experiments this week too.

Our school day ended with smiling children, a happy mom, and a reasonably clean home. What more can a homeschool mom ask?

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Glenda said...

Karen this sounds like a wonderful time! Good thinking, I'll have to see if my library has those videos, they sound very interesting.