Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday's Dance Competition

This has been a hectic month and my patience is running thin. I'm not shouting or snapping at anyone. I'm just annoyed that even simple tasks aren't going smoothly. My 9-year old dd is on a competitive dance team this year. Money is tight for us right now, so we're pinching pennies to give her this opportunity. Each competition is an expensive addition to the dance class fees. Yesterday, I spent the day driving across the state so she could compete. The dance instructor showed up a little over an hour late. One student missed her dance call because the teacher had the music. The teacher spent the day sitting in the audience with her boyfriend. When asked where the girls needed to be lined up, the teacher stated that there would be signs. One parent asked the teacher to get them lined up properly because they were going to be entering from one side, when usually they enter from two sides. The teacher didn't come back stage. One mom tried to line them up appropriately, but the girls were mixed up and had some problems due to the incorrect order. I'm not upset that the girls made a few mistakes, but I'm really annoyed that the teacher was disinclined to help. Btw, this was the first competition for the entire dance team. The other parents are planning to "have a discussion with her at rehearsal this week!" I don't think that ganging up on her is the answer, but she should understand that the team was disappointed in her lack of professionalism during the competition. Now that I've vented my frustration maybe I can think of a constructive solution.

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