Tuesday, February 26, 2008


All my adult life I have struggled with perfectionist tendencies. After the last two children were born, I've been practicing tunnel vision. Things like not noticing that there are Lego pieces in the corners of the playroom floor, missing the crumbs in the silverware drawer, and trying to pretend that toothpaste splatters on the mirror are decorative. Saturday in a frenzy of picking up stray items, I got sidetracked. Someone had knocked a stack of face cloths off the linen closet shelf onto the hallway floor. I tried to place them neatly on the shelf, but couldn't figure out which shelf. The mixed up piles of towels, sheets, hand towels, and face cloths were are jumbled together and not in their assigned spot. Two hours later, I had color coordinated piles of linen neatly stacked on labeled shelves.

Opening up the linen closets and seeing those organized shelves encouraged me to continue the search and organize mission. By the end of the day the kitchen pantry, dishes, pans and utensils were organized and easily found. The school cupboards were straighted and all loose items were united with their counterparts. What a feeling of calm and peace. I love being organized. Knowing where a needed item is located makes my days so much easier. Now to tackle the furnace and laundry rooms soon.

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