Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Winter Recreation

Sunday the sun came out again, but the ground was cold, damp, and snow covered. I used Glenda's idea of taking the kid's to McDonald's playland. One of the local McDonald's had completely remodeled their interior last month. Dh and I took the youngest two girls and let them play for an hour. The adults were able to carry on a conversation while the little ones used up some of their pent-up energy! It was a good experience for all of us!


elephantschild said...

What I'd like to see is a nation-wide ranking website for McDonald playlands - then I could find the cleanest/newest ones for wintertime play.

Some of them are freaky-skanky.

Karen said...

We're really fortunate that all the local playlands are clean and near-new. A ranking website would be great for when traveling.

Glenda said...

Isn't this just great to get rid of those wild shenanigans that normally are in the home during winter? I remembered this from Susan mentioning way back on Loopers one day. Our BK isn't spick-n-span, but I make the kids wash immediately after, and all I've spent is money for a cup of coffee. Completely worth the $1.07!