Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pine Car Derby

Our church has a very active Pioneer group. An older couple leads both the Girl Pioneers and Boy Pioneers Caravans. These lovely people prepare for each meeting, help the Pioneer children do monthly church cleaning, make pine cone wreaths as a Pioneer fundraiser, take the two caravans to camp each summer, and help make pine car derby cars.

For the last month, our 9-year old, 11-year old, and thirteen-year old children have been preparing and designing their cars. The church derby was held last weekend. Our 9-year old won 1st place, our 13-year old won 3rd place, and our 11-year old won 5th place. This was the first time that our 9-year old dd has placed higher than her brothers. All the kids had a great time and are looking forward to the District Pine Car Derby.


Glenda said...

Congratulations all around! That is wonderful.

Cheryl said...

Ditto! What she said!