Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sunshine at Last

Is it possible to have two days of sunshine in the same week? In February? We saw the sun yesterday for the first time in several weeks. Today, we are blessed with another brilliant, sunny day. What a moral booster for our entire family. The kids were getting a little cranky and bored because it has been too cold to go outside and play for any extended period of time. So yesterday when the sun came out, everyone was excited. I spent the day working at various locations taking photos of businesses and was able to enjoy the feel of the sun on my face. Dh had to take the kids to a homeschool meeting all morning. After a break for lunch, the homeschool group went skating (indoors) at a local ice rink. By the time they returned home, the children didn't get to enjoy the sunshine.

Today when I noticed that the sun was out for an unbelievable second day in a row, I sent the younger children outside to play. The two oldest kids in the household had to deliver papers, so they were outside anyway. I always forget how much a dose of sunshine can change someone's outlook. I'm happier, the kids are less cranky, and everyone is full of energy. Hurry Springtime!

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