Thursday, February 7, 2008

Useless traveling

Yesterday I drove to the larger town west of where we live. I had a small job to do that I had to complete. It was not a big money-maker, but a commitment that I needed to fulfill. We had freezing rain in the early morning hours and were expecting 6-12 inches of snow during the day. So I left around 9:30 quickly grabbing my needed supplies and paperwork. The trip normally takes about 25 minutes one way. Due to the weather and road conditions, the one way trip took over an hour. I wasn't able to travel more than 30 miles an hour. I completed the assignment and slowly made my way home. When I began to write my report, I realized that I had completed the wrong assignment! Yuck! Now I need to redo the assignment Friday and we're expecting more snow this evening. Definitely not one of my more brilliant moments!

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