Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sick Children

Our three year old came down with stomach flu Wednesday. Today, the four year old has been running a high fever and the 15 year old has a sore throat. All of the kids who needed me to transport them to activities tonight are sick, so I was able to spend my first evening home in a long time. I should be ironing shirts for dh, but the sick kids and I spent the evening watching Monk on the internet.

We canceled our Dish service about 18 months ago. The only show I miss is Monk. The kids and I have tried to watch the DVD's from the library, but aren't able to get the latest episodes. It was so relaxing to watch our favorite detective. Maybe dh needs to get the DVD series for our anniversary.


Glenda said...

We love Monk too, and Psych the show that follows on Fridays. Both are available at our library or on Netflix which is lots cheaper than Dish. We just haven't had the courage to cancel Dish and be tv-less.

Karen said...

We found that the best time for us to be tv-less is in the spring. Shortly after the snow has melted. We're all so busy doing yard work, riding bikes and enjoying the sunshine that nobody complains that the tv doesn't work well.

We are only able to pick up 2 Fox channels and NBC without cable or Dish. Our library has a great DVD/VHS library and we watch more movies than I would like during the winter, but at least we're avoiding all the commercials.;)