Monday, March 24, 2008


Some of our children were sick on Easter, so we were unable to attend church together. Our oldest two daughters went with me to the Sunrise Service at 6:30 am. Because of the long drive, we were out of the house at 5:35 am. The temperature was 17 degrees! I dressed up in a winter sweater and slacks.

We skipped the breakfast at church, so that Mike could take the other children to the Festival Service at 9:00 am. He was 2 minutes late, so the school-aged children didn't get to sing. This is a picture of the two older girls when Mike and the other children got home from church.

Our 4 year old was very disappointed to miss church, so we let her wear her dress for dinner. Our 13 year old son, who was also sick, woke up around 11:00.

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