Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

Our family has been connected with the local community girl's chorus (BCGC) for the last 8 years. My two oldest daughters joined when they were 14 and 9. They have really enjoyed singing great musical selections, touring around the country, and growing as musicians. They met most of their close friends through this group. Our oldest graduated from the choir 3 years ago. Their director is leaving in June to return to college for another degree. Most of our 15 year old's friends will be graduating this year, so our daughter decided that this will be her last year in the choir. It is a little sad, but will open up several evenings each week, as well as, several weekends throughout the year and 15 days each summer.

Our 15 year old has developed some medical conditions that will require her to spend more time strengthening her muscles and relearning some movements. My wonderful husband has offered to pay for a family membership to our local Y Center to provide more opportunities for our whole family to be active, especially during our long, dark winters. I was really excited to learn that the Y offers family swim time every week day morning. What a great PE class for us homeschoolers! A friend's mom is the head of the child watch area. The child watch would be really good for my younger two girls to play with other children for short periods of time, while I work out. Thereby, giving me no excuse to skip workouts. The Y Center is also offering free martial arts classes for children 8-18 two evenings each week, when I'm already at the Y for dance classes for the younger girls. Several of my children have always wanted martial arts training, but I just didn't have the money.

I had been worrying about finding opportunities for my kids that won't break our budget. God has certainly answered my prayers!

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