Monday, March 10, 2008


Saturday was another dance competition for our 9-year old dd. Her studio did well and she had a great day. Her team improved a lot over the last competition. The real bonus for me was that this competition was only 35 minutes from our home. As the awards were being presented, I observed that no one came in second. Everyone got a First Place award. The levels were First Place, Top First Place, and Elite First Place. It's ridiculous that no one was lower than First. It seems to me that first, second and third would have been okay. They could have used gold, silver and bronze.

When I was in high school, I was on the track team. I participated at the state level and received 4th place in 3 events. I was so happy to have won 4th place medals. True, I didn't win. But the medals had meaning. I was the 4th fastest high school runner in our state that year. Now, winning has lost its meaning.

I understand that the participants and their families have invested a lot of money to compete. I understand that children should be encouraged. But everyone can't win in a competition! Btw, my daughter won Top First Place medals. She came in second. We're still happy for her and are proud of how hard the team worked to improve since last time.

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Glenda said...

I agree, kids need to learn how to lose too. Congratulations to your daughter. My track story is this: I began running my junior year. My senior year I placed 3rd in a 400yd dash, which was the highest I ever placed in any event. (A super-runner I was not, but I did enjoy running.) Of course in that event there were only 3 runners, but hey, I still got a third place ribbon! :-)