Monday, March 3, 2008


Today I woke up and checked the thermometer to get the outside temperature. It read 48 degrees! I checked again. Still 48 degrees. Slowly, I opened the curtains and there is was. Peaking out. It was covered with 4 inches of water, but was still visible. Green grass. Yah!!!! Spring is coming! I yelled and woke up all the kids. They raced to the family room, where I had thrown open the sliding doors to let the warm breeze inside. Okay, the kids thought I was nuts. Later, they really thought that I had lost it when I made them go for a long walk in the rain. We all came back with rosy cheeks and happy hearts. Two of the children were talking about getting out their skateboards, but I told them to wait until all the water dried up.

Tonight it's supposed to be 18 degrees, with flurries. The grass will once again be hidden by a blanket of snow. It's been a really long winter.

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