Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring Break

Dh picked up our 20 year old dd on Friday and brought her home for her spring break. We haven't seen her in almost a month. There sure is a lot of talking at my house while we catch up with each other. Saturday, oldest dd took the 15 yrs old dd to her spring choral festival. I didn't get to go listen this time, but both girls said that it was great. Our oldest dd was thrilled to see her former choir director and some of her friends.

Our oldest ds was in a DI competition on Saturday. DI is short for Destination Imagination which is a drama club. The club is given a topic or idea and has 5 minutes to prepare. The club then improvises a skit on the provided topic. Ds has really enjoyed this group. He's good friends with most of the club and has discovered a new talent. The club ranked 4th in the district competition and will be going to the state competition in April. I wasn't able to see the competition because dd had my car at the choral festival. I've already placed the April date on my calendar and plan to take the whole family. One of my favorite things about the DI club is that I have nothing to do with the activity. Often, I end up assisting or leading group activities for my children. It's good for my kids to work with other adults, especially as they get older.

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