Monday, April 21, 2008

Destination Imagination State Finals

Our oldest son, age 13, participated in the State Destination Imagination Finals on Saturday. The competition took place at CMU, about 2 hours from our home. Ds had to be there to check in at 7:00 am, so he went up the night before with the rest of the team. Hubby and I took our other son, age 11, up with us in the morning. We left a little before 7:00 am. The team was scheduled to begin their performance at 10:00am.

We took a wrong turn near a poorly marked large city by-pass and ended up on the other side of the state. At 9:30, our 13 year old called us on the cell phone to see where we were. We explained about the unexpected extra driving time. We missed his performance by 15 minutes. Everyone was very disappointed. The team performed much better than they had at the Regional Finals last month. The team had an Instant Challenge (which we can't watch)around 2:30 pm and then participated in the parade of teams and awards ceremony at 7:30 pm.

Our oldest son went with the team to one of the member's grandparents' home during the late afternoon/early evening. Our second son was really a trouper throughout the day, which involved lots of walking and waiting. While our oldest son was gone, we took the younger boy to the movies. He was so surprised by the unexpected treat.

After the parade and awards, we headed for home. Our son's team did not receive an award, but earned 157 more points than they had at the regional competition.

No one had eaten dinner so we stopped at Pizza Hut around 10:30 pm for take-out, which we ate in the car. It was a really long day. My son is in the front row, wearing the pink hat.

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