Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Activities

It was a glorious day today! I tried to get outside to enjoy the warm, sunny, day with gentle breezes. This morning while I was running around for work, I called our 15 year old and told her to run blankets and sheets through the washer. As soon as I got home, I hung all the bedding on the clotheslines. The smell of laundry that dries in the sun is one of my favorites.

Because it was so warm, I pulled out all the old storm windows and put in the screens. My 11 year old son even noticed the springtime air in the house. All the children spent the afternoon and evening outside. They were filthy when they came in for the evening, but everyone was due for a bath anyway.

I added a poll on springtime activities that will run through 4/25. You can vote for more than one. Please take a minute and vote for your choice(s).

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