Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dumb Injuries, Great Kids

My 15 and 13 year old children have been mowing the lawn for the last year or so. On Saturday, I decided to mow so they could clean their bedrooms. As I was pushing in between the swing set and shed, the mower got stuck. I twisted the turned the machine and finally yanked it out. My side was a little sore, but I continued to complete the job, moving trampolines, picnic tables, children's climbing play sets, etc.

By Saturday evening, I could hardly walk. I had pulled the muscle running across my hip and abdomen. It still hurts. Our 13 year old is going to be confirmed on Sunday and we have invited 90 people to our home for an open house. My house was in need of a thorough sorting and cleaning. I had put off my wall washing until this week, so everything would still be clean. Our playroom floor is completely covered. Rain is predicted for Sunday. This is not a good time to be on the injured list.

Thankfully, my children have pulled together and completed almost completely finished all the cleaning. I did the easy jobs that didn't require stretching, lifting, or squatting. The children have done all the yucky jobs like sorting out all the toys in the playroom, sorting out belongings and washing furniture and walls in the little girl's bedroom (which took 1 whole day), washing cabinets, polishing furniture, washing all the door frames, walls and baseboards in the house, cleaning ceiling fans, sorting closets, and cleaning the laundry room.

All that is left is the bathroom cleaning jobs and food preparation. The house looks great
and all the work was accomplished without complaints or squabbling. After working for 7 hours, my 11 year old son has been offering ME back rubs every night. I feel blessed to have such wonderful children.

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