Thursday, May 8, 2008


Sunday, I noticed that the California strawberries were on sale this week. I need to freeze about 50 quarts and make 36 jars of jam. My oldest two dd's ran to the market today and picked up all the strawberries on the shelf. I'll need to get another large batch or two of berries when I find them at a reasonable price. I used to purchase berries from local farmers, but the U-pick farms have closed in our area. Last year, the Michigan strawberries were 75 cents more a pound than berries brought in from California. I made two batches of Strawberry Jam and froze 22 quarts of berries.

My youngest two dd's wanted to help all day. So they were given the job of gathering empty canning jars and dumping (I mean measuring) sugar on top of the sliced berries. We're all going to enjoy vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries for an evening snack! Now I know that spring has truly arrived!

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Glenda said...

Oh yummy! don't forget those sliced berries work wonderful as an addition to plain yogurt - my kid's favorite snack