Thursday, May 22, 2008

Embarrassing Moments

I have premature gray hair and have dyed my hair since my early 20's. My gray hair doesn't bother me any more. The problem is that when I don't dye my hair, my older daughters are often mistaken as the mother of my youngest two children. We were having an Open House last weekend on Sunday. Saturday evening, I colored my hair. There is a really old, faded, torn blue towel that I use to wrap my hair after it has been colored. I placed the tattered towel on the towel rack to dry. On Sunday morning, I asked one of my children to take all the towels out of the bathroom and place them in the laundry room.

Monday afternoon, my mil called and asked how I felt about navy blue bath towels. She had been to Kohl's and found some she liked and bought them for me. She explained that if I didn't like the color, I should return them and get the color of my choice. I thanked her and said that I was sure the navy would be fine. She was worried that the towels wouldn't match my wall color. I reassured her that navy towels would be fine. I mentioned that when I last purchased towels, I got two different shades of blue in case of fading. I thought it would look like I had chosen a range of blues for the bathroom towels.

After the phone call ended, my 20 year old daughter told me that there was more to the story. My mil used the restroom as soon as we had returned from church. My daughter went to check the bathroom condition and noticed the tattered towel. She replaced all the towels and hoped that grandma had not noticed the old towel.

My first impulse was to call my mil and explain what had happened. I was so embarrassed. On second thought, I decided to be uncomfortable and save her embarrassment. My mil is such a sweet woman. She assumed that the "hair coloring" towel was in everyday use. Instead of asking about the towel or checking for better towels to set out for the guests, she chose to purchase towels that she thought I badly needed.

On Tuesday, I received another phone call from my mother-in-law. She had returned to Kohl's and bought still more new towels for me. I thanked her profusely and stated that I could now replace all my worn towels. I also warned the children to never explain about "hair coloring" towels.

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