Saturday, May 31, 2008


My oldest dd was hired yesterday as a cashier for one of the local Meijer stores. Hurray! She is so happy to have gotten a job. She'll be working 20-24 hours a week, second shift. Because the job isn't full time, she also applied at an animal hospital across the street from the store. The animal hospital needs someone to work in the kennel. She's hoping that she can get the kennel job also, to earn more for the upcoming school year.

My husband's new position is working out really well. He has increased his previous salary for 1/2, is spending a lot less on gas, and enjoys going to work. The stress level is much less than before. When he took the new position, we decided that I would not work as an independent contractor any longer. My husband is working 7 days/week, but is gone fewer hours from home. We wanted a parent to be home all the time and not rely on any of the older children to do any babysitting.

It's amazing how much more I can accomplish when I'm not gone for a few hours each day. Our house is clean, well cleaner. The children are finishing their school early each day and enjoy doing things with each other in the afternoons. I'm not as stressed and actually am enjoying our school time again.

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