Saturday, June 14, 2008

Final Dance Recital

Another end of the year hurdle has been crossed. Tonight we had our 9 and 5 year old daughter's final dance recital of the year. Both girls improved as dancers this year and enjoyed the classes. Our 9 year old danced in a jazz class with girls from 10-12 years of age. At one point in the dance, she falls back into the arms of the other dancers. After catching her, they toss her forward. Last night at rehearsal, she landed about 6" from the front of the stage. The stage is about 4' above the auditorium. They didn't toss her as hard tonight, but her expression was a little apprehensive. My daughter is in the middle the top photo.
The photo below is of our 9 year old in her ballet and lyrical costume. I was thrilled that the instructor used one costume twice.

Our 9 year old loved her jazz costume. My favorite was the ballet costume, but I'm a mom. I think she looks older in this outfit.

This was the costume she wore for the competition ballet team. Considering how many times this costume was worn throughout the year, it wore very well.

This is our little princess who recently turned 5. She was adorable as a cat. We had a lot of problems keeping the tail sewed onto the leotard. Another dancer accidentally pulled the tail off right before her dance, so she was a "manx" cat. Our 5 year old has missed 10-12 dance classes this winter and spring due to illness. She practiced her dance over and over this week in preparation for the recital. We were so proud of her dedication. She danced very well and knew the dance as well as all the other girls.

Here are our two dancers posing together. Next year we will have 3 dancers. Our three year old is so excited about dancing next year.

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