Tuesday, June 10, 2008

History Project

A homeschool organization that I belong to has began working with community based learning groups. The children work with various mentors in the community leaders to learn about government, history, career opportunities, science, etc. Each child is able to determine what they want to do and how they wish to be involved in the project. The project is very ambitious but will allow a wide variety of involvement by the homeschool children.

Today, we met at a local historical building that was formerly the home of a doctor in the 1900's. The children will be researching about three nationally prominent females, the most well known is Sojourner Truth. Some of the children will be creating a series of weavings (working with a professional weaver) providing information about the museum and these three women.

Some children will be creating skits to present during festivals. Other children will be creating a persona from that era. They will dress in the appropriate clothing for their persona and interact with other characters during tours. The children will need to know the character they choose well and be able to answer questions in character.

My children are very excited about the endeavor and are looking forward to their various projects. I have promised to help the interested children sew costumes for the various participants.

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