Sunday, July 20, 2008

Walking Again!

My treadmill broke 4 weeks ago. It had been in the family room for 3 years and was rarely used. Exercising with my younger children in the room is difficult. The 3 year old would want to help me. The five year old would want a hug and kiss, and another hug and kiss, and another. In May, the treadmill was moved into our small master bedroom. It was used regularly. The children would get involved in play and I would sneak off to my bedroom, lock the door, and exercise without interruptions. After it broke, my husband took it apart and tried to fix it. No success. The treadmill was banished to the garage.

While grilling brats for supper tonight, Mike took another look at the treadmill and removed a fuse. It works. I walked 2 miles in the garage while dinner was being prepared. Tonight it returns to the place of honor in our bedroom. Hurray!

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Glenda said...

Hurray! I'm trying to walk every night around the neighborhood. Often David and I will go together right after supper while the kids are doing the dishes.

Just keep walking, walking, walking.