Friday, July 18, 2008


A friend (thanks Melinda!) let me know that the local blueberries were ready to be picked last week. I loaded all the children in the van early in the morning and headed for the blueberry fields. We planned to pick 50 pounds for the freezer and 20 pounds for homemade jam. After two humid hours, we ended up with 20 pounds for the freezer. The berries were just starting to ripen. The picking was slow and tedious.

We had never been to this blueberry field before. I was impressed with the care the farmers used in maintaining the rows. The grass had recently been mowed and the bushes had been pruned well. Each bush had huge amounts of berries! The children and I are hoping to return early next week when the more berries are ripe.

After supper, we all enjoyed blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream. YUM!

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