Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Pool Saga Continues

My husband came home from work early yesterday afternoon. During his lunch hour, he ran around to all the major chain stores and compared prices of new pools. We didn't have enough money to purchase another metal pool because the prices have sky-rocketed since we purchased the pool several years ago. He purchased a 48"x 18' inflatable pool. The children were so excited!

My 11 year old put together the ladder and the filter-pump together himself.

It took several hours to fill the pool up. This was the end result of yesterday's efforts.

Although the water will be a little cold today. We plan on spending the day in the pool to recover from the heat.


elephantschild said...

That looks very nice and inviting. Too bad about your other pool! Did you flood the neighbor's yard when it collapsed?

Karen said...

We flooded out the back half of our neighbor's yard and the back corner of our yard. The neighbor is out of the state for the month, so doesn't know what happened. The couple who own the next door property live on the other side of my immediate neighbor. The property owner came over and offered to help repair the fence. He wasn't upset at all about the water, because there is nothing but grass where the flooding occurred.