Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Latest Adventure

I had to run to Kalamazoo this morning. Throughout my trip, I was dreaming of a relaxing afternoon spent in the cool water of the pool. The temperature is going to be around 90 today, and high humidity is predicted. When I returned, I learned that the pool had collapsed. The force of the water knocked out one panel of the privacy fence we installed last year.

The children and I began tearing down the pool. This is a picture of my two boys hauling a garbage can full of pool supports and rim pieces. Notice that the chosen garbage can has holes in the bottom. Moving the heavy container was a "treat".

I decided that it would be easier for us to drag the pool side across the lawn to the driveway. I didn't think that the children and I could easily move the heavy pool weight once it was rolled into one.

We all worked together to flatten the side, then rolled it up onto the driveway. The kids really enjoyed jumping on the pool to flatten it after each "roll".

I purchased a new pool to reward them for their hard work and to let them cool off.

It's not quite the pool of their dreams, but they did play and laugh together for several hours this afternoon. No, I didn't relax in the pool with them. It might be a good place for me to relax alone with a good book though.

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