Friday, July 4, 2008

We Have Power!!!!!

Our area has experienced several major thunderstorms recently. On Wednesday, we lost our power, the basement flooded, and our lawn was littered with limbs. After cleaning up the yard, we hauled the basement carpeting outside and unrolled it on the trampoline, climbing toys, and clothesline. Mattresses were carted out to the deck to air out the musty smell. All furniture was removed from the two basement bedrooms.

Today, our power returned while we were at my mom's for the holiday festivities. Now we can use the shop vac to remove the remaining water. Tomorrow will be spent washing bedding, walls, and carpeting. Although I hadn't planned the extra work, it's will be wonderful to have everything clean and fresh.

The children who were excited about the power loss originally, they were tired of using candles and sleeping on the family room floor. (I forbid anyone to sleep in the basement, while water was present.


Laura said...

We just went through this and we are still cleaning up our basement.
It was nice that it forced us to get things down there...instead of putting it off time and time again. I am glad there wasn't anymore damage...and the kids will be back in their rooms soon!

Glenda said...

Oh yuck. I hope the water didn't cause too much damage. Happy cleaning - it will be wonderful when it is all done (just keep saying that as you work!)

Cheryl said...

Some years ago in Peoria we had bad storms and lost power for 3-4 days. It was miserable: ruined food in the refrigerator & freezer, no a/c in the heat of summer, etc. You have my sympathy!