Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pain Relief

Last weekend, I began experiencing minor tooth pain. Being the kind of person who hates going to any medical professional, I decided to floss several times a day and brush 5-6 times per day in hope that the pain would disappear. It didn't. On Wednesday, I went to visit my former dentist. Our family has moved to a different dental office several years ago, but I hadn't been to the new office yet. Did I mention that I don't like going to the dentist or doctor? The appointment went quickly and I am scheduled for a root canal on Tuesday. The dentist gave me a prescription for antibiotics and Vicodin.

I don't take any medications on a regular basis. Once or twice a year, I may take an Tylenol tablet for a killer headache. The dentist told me to take a pain pill every 4-6 hours and not to drive. I took one pill every 12 hours and could barely walk down the hall to the bathroom. I have slept almost non-stop for the last 4 days. My oldest dd brought home DVDs from the library for me to watch in my room. The kids wanted me to lay down, because they were worried that I might fall down. I watched a couple of episodes of House. I realize that people become less affected by medication over time. But, seriously how can it be believable that someone could think rationally when taking so many Vicodin? Or maybe I'm naive?

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