Tuesday, August 5, 2008

45 Years?

Yuck! It's hard to believe that tomorrow I will turn 45 years old. I don't FEEL that old, but the calendar doesn't lie.

When I was growing up, we had a tradition of heading to Goguac Lake in the evening on my birthday. We would swim and enjoy the empty beach. The beach area has changed over the years and I didn't take my children to that lake. Recently, our local government could no longer afford to keep life guards available. So the beach area now has free admission, but no life guards. My oldest daughter has taken the children to Goguac Lake several times this summer. It has become my children's favorite beach. Tomorrow, the tradition birthday trip to Goguac Lake has been reinstated. My husband took the day off from work and we will be able to enjoy the day together.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. My oldest daughter leaves for Chicago at 8:00 am (hubby will drop her off at the train station.) My 15 year old daughter receives her driving permit (hubby will drop her off, pick her up, and let her drive with HIM in the car.) My husband and the remaining children will be cooking all the meals, tidying the kitchen, running the vacuum, and handling the general day-to-day home maintenance. I will be basking on the beach, working on my tan and making sand castles. It's going to be a tough day! ;)


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! My mother shares your birthdate!

Michelle said...

Wait a minute - I should have typed birthday - not birthdate - you are younger than my mom!!! Duh! Sorry! Hope you are having a great day at the lake!

Karen said...

Thanks for clarifying, I was feeling really, really old. :)