Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

School begins in less than 2 weeks. My grand plans for summer home up-keep projects have fallen aside to other activities. Sunday, my boys returned from a week-end at Camp Lorray for the Boy Pioneer weekend. They had a terrific time and came home exhausted. We're in the final week of driver's training classes for my 15 year old. My oldest returns to college in 12 days. She is borrowing my van to move her belonging into her apartment.

I sewed most of last week. In addition to the previously listed clothing items, I completed 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts for my 9 year old daughter, 4 shirts and 2 skirts for my youngest daughters (who wear the same size), 2 pair of pajamas for my boys, and quilted a 60" x 60" throw.

This week, we're all going to pitch-in and do the major fall cleaning and sorting. Monday, we accomplished the following: 1. Deep clean bathroom and sort out cabinets
2. Sorted out videos and DVDs, cleaned entertainment center
3. Sorted and organized Barbie clothing, furniture, and dolls
4. Washed, dried, ironed and organized "dress-up" clothing
5. Organized and washed out both silverware drawers and the cooking utensils drawers
6. Completed all ironing and normal laundry
7. Cleaned and sorted out 1/2 of playroom
8. Cleaned out 3 kitchen cupboards
9. Organized and dusted both living room book cases
10. Organized both linen closets

I was really proud of how hard everyone worked. We're going to clean in the mornings and play in the afternoon all week.

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