Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In an effort to get in better physical shape and to keep the children active all winter, we recently joined the Y-center. My husband was able to go with us one day last week and we played walleyball as a family. Walleyball is similar to volleyball, except the hits to the ceiling and walls are also played. We had a blast.

We also tried to play some basketball together. It didn't work out very well. None of us are any good at basketball and none of us are very tall. Our tallest family member is 5'7". I'm going to make an effort to get the kids working on their basketball skills this school year.

The children love to swim and we've swam everyday since we joined the Y. My 6 year old is on the cusp of swimming. I've been giving her opportunities to swim without water wings or swimming bubbles each time. Yesterday, the two boys were corrected for climbing on each others shoulders and jumping into the water. I understand the reasons for the rules, but some of them seem silly. I think the strangest rule is "No child can use a kick board during family swim time." Why?

I started charting my weekly workouts on the side bar to keep me exercising each day. I really need to make exercise a regular part of my life on a daily basis. Next week, I'll be beginning Weight Watchers. I didn't want to add too many changes at one time.


Anonymous said...

Hey Karen there hasn't been a posting on your exercise since Thursday. Better get busy!!!
ha ha ha,
Your Tuesday walk buddy

Karen said...

I spent the week end in bed with a migrain headache. I'll do more when I can function as a person again.