Sunday, August 17, 2008

Missing Church

We take to vehicles to church each Sunday. My husband normally works on Sundays and he goes to work directly from church. This morning he left 10 minutes before I did to save our family a row of seats. My family needs an entire row to sit together and it is sometimes difficult to get a whole row.

It's a 35 minute drive to reach our church and we travel through 2 villages. I was 5 minutes from the church this morning and noticed that the bridge in the last village had traffic backed up for several blocks. I took a side street and got beyond the bridge. Continuing my unique passage, I cut through a police station parking lot to get back on the state highway. The road was being resurfaced and I was on a closed street. After talking with the construction crew, I learned that no traffic would be able to get through for 1/2 an hour. There are no other roads for 10 miles that went in the right direction. After calling my husband, I headed back home. The construction crew let me have priority so I could get out of the construction zone. We passed my poor husband who was closed in on the bridge. My husband reached our house 25 minutes after I had. I think next week we will take one vehicle.

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